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Fit A Photo Into Your Own Locket

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You have the photo and you have the locket . . .  BUT how to shrink the photo to the right size to fit the locket?

We will do it for you.

( If you want two photos for a locket then you need to purchase Quantity 2)

  • We will make a 5x7” photo quality print on Fuji photo paper with 14 different size pictures so you will have one that matches the size of your locket. We even make two of each size in case you make a mistake cutting.
  • If the person for the locket is in a group of people, just tell us which one they are eg: “Second person from the left in the front row”
  • Sit back and wait while we make 14 different size pictures from your photo and send it back to you.
  • If you want TWO photos in the one locket, then QTY 2. and you will receive two 5x7 inch prints as described above.
  • Remember this is for a photo only, the locket is not included
  • If you need it quickly then choose the READY IN : FAST 3-4 Days and make your delivery selection at Checkout.

How To Send Your Photo

how to send your photos


Use the Upload Your Photo button beside the Buy Now button.


Sample Print

Fit a photo into a locket print looks like


 The Print You Receive Will Look Similar To This

The images range in size from 2 inches to 3/16 inch / 50mm to 4mm

This is a custom made, personalised item.



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Really quick and professional service, only shop which I could find that would print pictures for a locket.


Excellent service provided, very fast and well packaged deliveries. Cannot fault this business.

Mark Redmond

Super fast, very responsive and great quality product! Highly recommended