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How to choose the right photo album


Choosing the right photo album can be challenging. Here's a guide to the different types available.


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Slip in type album

Our slip in type albums are book bound albums with slip-in photograph spaces. Typically, these albums are available for either 6x4inch/10x15cm or 7x5inch/18x13cm size photographs with a capacity to hold 100, 200, 300, 402 and up to 500 photographs( in 6x4 size)

Some albums have a memo so you can write a note for the photo. Slip albums make great holiday and special occasion albums as well as great gifts whether you’re gifting them filled or ready to be used.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to preserve your memories in a stylish and organized manner. Choose our slip-in albums and create a timeless collection of your most treasured moments.

slip in page photo album



Self Adhesive album

Self-adhesive albums are a convenient and easy way to preserve your precious memories. These albums have sticky pages that allow you to securely attach your photographs without the need for glue or tape.

The pages have a plastic pull-back sheet over them, which can be peeled back from the spine side of the page

Using a self-adhesive album is a simple process. First, you peel back the plastic sheet from the sticky page. Then, you carefully position your photographs on the page.

Once the photos are in place, you replace the plastic sheet by smoothing it over the photographs. The adhesive on the page ensures that the photos stay securely in place.

peal page self adhesive photo album




Traditional plain page album

Are you tired of scrolling through endless digital photo albums on your phone or computer?

Do you miss the nostalgic feeling of flipping through physical photo prints?

Look no further than our traditional photo albums, the perfect solution for preserving your precious memories. 

Our traditional photo albums are book bound with card pages that are acid-free. This means that your photographs will not deteriorate over time. You can fit various size photo to the page and the photo can be attached to the page by Photo Corners/Double side tabs.

Don't let your precious memories fade away in the digital world. Choose our traditional photo albums to preserve and cherish your photographs for years to come. With acid-free pages, glassine interleaves, and various fixing options, our albums offer the perfect combination of protection and elegance. Start creating your own tangible photo collection today!


traditional plain page photo albums



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