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Christmas Decoration Photo

Christmas Decoration Photo

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Print a photo to fit your Christmas Decorations

You have the photo and you have the decoration BUT how do you shrink the photo to fit?

We will shrink it for you. 

You receive a print with 15 different sizes from 50mm to 4mm in a circular shape (see the sample photo). Be sure to measure your decoration to see if these sizes will fit.

  • We will make a 5x7” photo quality print on photo paper with 15 different size pictures so you will have one that matches the size of your decoration. We even make two of each size in case you make a mistake cutting.
  • If the person for the locket is in a group of people, just tell us which one they are eg: “Second person from the left in the front row”
  • Sit back and wait while we make 15 different size pictures from your photo and send it back to you.
  • If you want TWO different photos in the one decoration, then QTY 2. and you will receive two 5x7 inch prints as described above.
  • Remember this is for a photo only, the decolration is not included
  • If you need the order quickly then choose the READY TO POST IN: FAST 3-4 Days

The Print You Receive Will Look Similar To This

The images range in size from 2 inches to 3/16 inch / 50mm to 4mm

You cut out the photo and fit it into your decoration, yourself.

The decoration is not included.

This is a custom made, personalised item and non refundable.


Photo Help & Advice

Photo is bright, sharp, and clear. There is plenty of space around the people. 


This photo is too close. Pick a photo that has plenty of space around the subject. We can crop in no problem but we can't crop out.


The group of people is too wide and the faces are too small. We can still use it but it won't look good, not recommended.


The faces are good but the photo is too narrow. We can use it but it won't look good and not recommended.


Photo quality is bad, the people are blurred and it won't look good. If you are taking a copy of the photo with your phone, then stand back a little further and take it. Check that it looks sharp and clear.  We can crop in no problem.


If you are unsure about your photo, just upload your photo, make your purchase and at checkout leave a note asking us to check the photo before proceeding.

In the unlikely event that we can't use your photo, we will give you a full refund.






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