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New Live Preview Of Your Uploaded Photo

you can view your uploaded photo in a live preview


Have you ever struggled to imagine how a piece of jewelry would look with a specific photo inside? With our new live preview, you can now see exactly how your chosen picture will fit into your necklace, bridal wedding charm, cufflinks, or locket before making a purchase.

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personalised circular necklace with a photo

How does it work?

Simply upload the photo you want to use on our platform and watch as it seamlessly fits into the jewelry piece of your choice. Our live preview edit feature allows you to adjust the size and position of the image, ensuring that it looks just right before finalizing your order.

Upload a photo and see how it works

edit your uploaded photo

Our live preview feature allows you to adjust the size and position of the image


Why is this important?

By being able to visualize how your photo will appear in the jewelry, you can make sure that it captures the essence of your special moment or loved one. This level of customization adds a personal touch to your accessory, making it truly unique and meaningful.

Try it out

see how your uploaded photo looks like in your personalised necklace

You can visualize how your photo will appear in your personalised jewelry


Benefits of live preview:

1. Ensures the photo fits perfectly within the jewelry piece

2. Allows for adjustments to size and position

3. Provides a realistic representation of the final product

Don't leave your jewelry choices to chance. Take advantage of our live preview feature to see exactly how your uploaded photo will look in your selected piece. Make your jewelry truly one-of-a-kind with this innovative tool.

a unique personalised necklace with a photo

Live preview is available on  selected products.

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